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There is a lack of high-quality, comprehensive Greek instruction readily available in an inexpensive, expertly-presented, and self-paced format.

For this reason we have devised a new method based on the 1893 work of Charles Melville Moss (RIP) entitled A First Greek Reader. This phenomenally good text is available for free in the public domain, and we have supplemented it with numerous helps and extensive whiteboard explanations.

When we say that it is a new method, we really mean that it is an old, tried and true method which, though obviously true, few are willing to try.

Anyone who has attempted to learn Greek from the leading textbooks available today – whether for Koine or Attic – can easily see for themselves how little actual Greek language the majority of them contain. Most of these textbooks – and I have taught from all the major ones – contain only a small amount of actual Greek, and mostly explain rules and grammar.

Make no mistake, the understanding of grammar and constructions, learning forms and rules and applying them, is essential to a strong knowledge of Greek. But these skills arise from working with Greek and must not be learned in isolation.

In this way, The Moss Method is quite different: the student begins reading simple, connected Greek prose on the first day and continues to do so until the end of the course.

From Moss’ own preface:

"This little book is intended to be put into the hands of pupils as soon as they have learned the first declension and the present indicative active of the verb. The stories are graded with this, and the subsequent progress of the pupils through all the declensions and verb forms, in view. But it is not a parsing book. It is intended to be a help toward a pleasant and rapid translation."

“A pleasant and rapid translation.” That’s all it takes: 1st/alpha nouns declension and the present indicative of the verb.

"In the matter of words it would seem better for a beginner to refer to a sentence in which they are actually used, than to a vocabulary where all connections in sense are lost. A large share of the use most pupils make of a vocabulary is to hunt out words whose meanings they might recall with a little more patience."

What You Receive

Exclusive access to Dr. Noe’s explanatory videos

Exclusive access to Dr. Noe’s word-by-word, line-by-line explanatory videos on each of the Moss readings for that module, 40 in all. The length of these videos depends on the length of the reading, and thus vary from 12 to 43 minutes in length, for more than 20 hours of video instruction per module.

Homework assignments
for each lesson

One extensive, graduated parsing homework assignment for each of the 40 lessons per module. The student submits these after completing each reading together with the video lesson, and Dr. Noe and his staff grade and return these, providing quick, accurate, personalized feedback to your progress in the Greek language.


Six quizzes, one after each 5 lessons, graduated in difficulty and cumulative. The student downloads these at their own pace and submits them, and Dr. Noe and his staff will grade and return these, providing personalized feedback on your progress in the Greek language.

Also receive vocabulary quizzes from Robert C. Baird’s Greek-English Wordlist, Containing About 1,000 Most Common Greek Words, So Arranged as to be Most Easily Learned and Remembered.

Exclusive access to Dr. Noe’s Greek Quick Sheets (GQS1-6)

Clearly presented, carefully compressed and curated explanations and charts of the Greek language (based on the Greek grammars of Goodwin and H.W. Smyth). These GQS’s are consistently referenced in each of the videos so that the student can follow along and check their knowledge as they make their way through the readings.


One cumulative midterm exam, after lesson 20. And one cumulative final exam, after lesson 40.


How to syllabify, how to understand diphthongs, how to increase reading speed, how to build a vocabulary for Attic, Koine, and both.

1-Year of access to Dr. Noe and Course materials

You have 1-year from date of enrollment to complete each Module. This is a rate of less than one lesson per week. Many students move more quickly, but as this is self-paced, there's no rush. Take your time and learn the material deeply.

College-level Greek

This course is not for credit, but the student who works diligently at the material through Modules I-IV will complete the equivalent of 2 semesters of college-level Greek. Several of my students who have worked through this method with me have gone on to excel in seminary Greek and elsewhere, due to the quality of Moss’ text and the thoroughness of the explanations provided by the instructor.


The Moss Method for Greek is divided into 4 modules of carefully graduated difficulty.

Module I – Readings 1-40​

Module II – Readings 41-80

Module III – Readings 81-120

Module IV – Readings 121-163

Each module is designed for working at one’s own pace but can reasonably be finished within one semester or a 5-month period. Alternatively, Modules I and II could be finished in one semester, and III and IV in a second semester.

Check out a sample lesson from Module I

MossMethod for Greek

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Frequently asked questions

The intended audience for these modules is anyone who wishes to learn Greek, beginning simply and building a very comprehensive and strong structure. The course is especially well-suited for: Pastors and other professionals who wish to improve and perfect the Greek knowledge they have begun to attain elsewhere Second career individuals considering seminary Graduate school candidates who need Greek proficiency Undergraduates at an institution which does not offer Greek Greek teachers at secondary schools and elsewhere Students ages 12-18 in a homeschool, Classical Christian school, or public school setting Homeschool moms and dads who want to learn Greek and help their own children learn as well

Moss Method for Greek is exclusive access and password-protected. After purchasing this access, you can view videos and begin interacting extensively with Dr. Noe, receiving personalized instruction in answer to all your questions and access to course materials for 1-year calendar year from time of enrollment.

There you will also download assignments, quizzes, and exams.

Module I: $325

Learn Greek with Dr. David C. Noe.